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Camping Rucksack

A camping rucksack needs to be able to carry all your essentials when you go camping and fit comfortably on your back. Redstone Outdoor camping rucksacks is a range that has taken the hiker into consideration, allowing them not be slowed down by their equipment.

Finding The Right Camping Rucksack For You

Your camping rucksack is one of the most important pieces of camping equipment that you need to buy. If you're walking for great distances, then you need to carry all your essential gear in your rucksack on your back. Regardless of how heavy this becomes or how packed it gets, you need to ensure it fits comfortably and securely. Brands such as Vango, Redstone Outdoor and Pro Action specialise in camping rucksacks with a strap system that supports your back as you carry, allowing you to keep on hiking.

About Camping Rucksacks

A camping rucksack should never be taken for granted. If you buy a cheap, make-do rucksack, jam it full with all your essential gear and then sling it on your back, you could do yourself an injury. The back is more fragile than you think, and if you're in the middle of nowhere and your rucksack is hurting your back, you could find yourself in trouble.

Camping rucksacks should support your back as you carry them. The strap system on the back may look complex, but don't let this put you off of your purchase. Every buckle holds a purpose. Good camping rucksacks come with a lumbar support strap to give your back extra support to prevent strain. Another feature is a sternum strap which runs across the chest and pulls the two shoulder straps closer together. This relieves the strain from your back and your shoulders.

Sometimes, depending on the size of the person carrying, come rucksacks can rise above the head. This can over-balance some people and make hiking difficult in certain terrains. It also puts added strain on the back as you're trying to counteract it. A good camping rucksack should have straps that pull this in closer to the body to help keep you balanced.

Investing in a good camping rucksack, with brands such as Vango, Redstone, Airjet and Pro Action, can make all the difference to your hiking trip. If you have a comfortable rucksack that gives you the proper support you need whilst carrying any weight, then your hiking trip will be a much happier and more successful one.