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Camping Sleeping Bags

Camping sleeping bags are an important element to any camping trip. Your nights will fail to be cosy if you don't invest in the right camping sleeping bags. This page hopes to narrow the specifics down so that you can make the right choice in your purchase decision.

Finding The Right Camping Sleeping Bag For You

Camping sleeping bags come in all shapes and sizes. Trying to find the right one boils down to your personal preference. Do you like to feel all wrapped up and snug like a snail, or do you like space with room to move and spread? There are camping sleeping bags that cater for both of these extremes, and then there are choices in the middle. Brands such as Gelert, Redstone Outdoor, Outwell and Coleman, specialise in sleeping bags for everyone, from mummy bags, to double sleeping bags, tapered bags and the usual rectangular bags.

About Camping Sleeping Bags

Camping sleeping bags are just as important as the tent you choose to camp in. As your body plays by day, it rests by night, and as it rests it rebuilds itself and leaves you feeling refreshed and energised for the following day. If you choose the wrong sleeping bag, it can affect your night's sleep and put you in a grumpy mood the next day, with little energy to do much. A good night of sleep is important.

By knowing what you prefer and by investing in the right sleeping bag, you can make all the difference to your night. You can be cosy and comfortable, and your sleep will leave you refreshed and ready to face the challenges of the new day.

The purpose of a sleeping bag is to protect a person while they sleep. It provides warmth and thermal insulation, and can protect against wind chill, rain and exposure. The different types of filling can also make a difference. Fillings such as goose down and cotton can hold a lot of warmth and be very cosy, but if it gets wet it retains the water. Synthetic fibre, however, can not only be cosy, but if it gets wet it can continue to provide some warmth, helping to keep you warm if wet. It is also quick to dry, so if you get caught in a rain storm during the day, by nightfall you can still be warm whilst you sleep.

Some sleeping bags are designed for different situations. Tapered bags and mummy bags have been designed more for the hiker, as these can pack away small and light, an essential feature for any backpacker. Rectangular bags are more for comfort, and on some designs, they allow you to zip two single bags together to create one double sleeping bag for two people. This cannot be done with tapered bags.

Whatever your desired choice in camping sleeping bags, we hope to help you find the perfect one you?re looking for. Happy campers are created after a good night's sleep.