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Mele Jewellery Box

There is a perfect Mele Jewellery Box for every one, whether you prefer wood or leather, or even an armoire. A Mele Jewellery Box is beautiful and elegant, and is a perfect place to store your diamond earrings and sparkling necklaces.

Mele Jewellery Box

A beautiful Mele jewellery box is a must for any woman's bedroom. No woman can turn down the lure of a pair of diamond earrings or a sparkling necklace, and therefore no woman should be without a safe place for these precious items to be kept. This place should be just as stunning as the jewellery itself in order to do the contents justice.

Finding The Perfect Mele Jewellery Box For You

To find that perfect Mele jewellery box depends on how much jewellery you need to store. If you have lots of rings, finding one with a ring roll may be something you should consider, likewise if you have lots of necklaces and chains. Some jewellery boxes have long, deep compartments that enable you to hang your necklaces as opposed to storing them in a heaped pile. This prevents them from tangling up, and ensures that they don't get damaged. Another option to consider is if you have numerous little pieces. Opting for a box that offers you separate sections can keep these little keep-sakes safe and prevents them from getting mixed up with everything else.

However, not everyone has that much jewellery, and so they are not in need of a jewellery box that offers different compartments and different sections. They may prefer a design that is less elaborate, maybe consisting of one main compartment. These can still be found in simple yet elegant styles, and are just as beautiful as their larger counterparts. Just because you're opting for smaller designs, doesn't mean you have to settle for anything less graceful. And not everyone likes the wooden design. There are also leather jewellery boxes that offer an abundance of beneficial compartments. For every woman out there, there is a perfectly beautiful jewellery box just for them.

About Mele Jewellery Boxes

Jewellery boxes can come in numerous shapes and designs - from the tiniest little trinket box to the huge jewel cabinets that once belonged to Queen Marie Antoinette in the 1700's. Their designs can be simple and elegant or lavish and complex.

Jewellery boxes are recorded to have been in use as early as the ancient Egyptian era. The Egyptians not only loved their jewellery in life, but also in death, and many pieces were symbolisms of their Gods. These, however, were only worn by the wealthy, and so jewellery boxes were only popular with upper classes. This status remained the same through out the years until the Industrial Revolution which began in the 1700's.

Two of the most famous jewellery boxes are the huge jewel cabinets that belonged to Queen Marie Antoinette. She had expensive and exquisite taste and wanted nothing but the best in style and sophistication. These were a gift to her from the people of Paris before the Royal Family's downfall. Now the pair is separated, with one sitting on display in Windsor Castle, the other in Versailles, and both are probably worth more than any of the jewels they once kept.

During this era, and as it has been through out the centuries, only the wealthy and upper class owned jewellery boxes. Their designs and the materials used varied, from wooden boxes to metal, ie gold, silver, and even ivory, but always their appearance was elegant, intricate and beautiful. With the Industrial Revolution came the ability to produce items like this in mass numbers, thus reducing their manufacturing cost and market price. This then made even the most beautiful jewellery boxes available to anyone of any class, and they have, since that day, always been in huge demand with women across the world.

Today's jewellery boxes have been designed with the safe keeping of your jewellery in mind. With places to hang necklaces and ring rolls to secure your rings, the modern jewellery box has never been more practical. They make great gifts for any woman; a mother, sister, niece, girlfriend or wife. With Mele jewellery boxes ranging from leather, mirror, porcelain, and wood, finding that perfect and exquisite jewellery box has never been so easy.