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Trestle Table

Whether you want your trestle table for extra dining space, in the house or garden, for holding car boot sales or decorating, there's a trestle table for you. Redstone Outdoor offers trestle tables that are high in quality, practical, and capable of supporting up to 300kg.

Trestle Table

Finding The Right Trestle Table For You

Trestle tables are ideal for giving you that extra bit of table space. They can be used for anything, from providing extra dining space to holding a car boot sale. You can have them in your garden, or as a banquet or buffet table. You can even take them camping or to hold exhibitions. And because they fold away, it means storing and transporting one has never been easier. It's just down to you to decide what size you'd prefer.

About Trestle Tables

A folding trestle table makes the perfect occasional table. It means that you can have guests round and seated for that banquet meal without having to cramp up your home with a permanent table. They are also popular as the legs of the table are at either end, allowing your guests to be more comfortable without having to squeeze and fit around fixed legs in the middle.

Folding trestle tables are also popular due to their folding feature. The legs can be folded back and the table can be folded in half, making a 6ft table into a 3ft item that is ready for storage. This can either be stored up against a wall, under a bed, in a cupboard or in a shed, but wherever it goes it can be out of your way until you next need it.

The earliest forms of trestle tables were commonly used in ancient Rome, where the structures were usually made from stone or marble. In the Middle Ages they consisted of merely loose boards on trestle legs which were simple to store away and easy to build. This was the most common form of table until the 16th century when stronger and sturdier designs were introduced. However, the basic concept of the trestle table has still remained popular because of their practicality, and today they are as strong and sturdy as any fixed and solid table.

Folding trestle tables are suitable for many different things. The fact that they fold and are light in weight makes transportation of them easy and simple, and so they can be taken and used anywhere.