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Welcome to our 4 person tent page!

A 4 person tent is a must for family camping or hiking weekends. Our 4 person tent selection include some of the best tents on the market, including Gelert, Vango, Coleman, and our new, high quality 4 person tent range from Redstone Outdoors.

Finding Your Perfect 4 Person Tent

4 berth tents are great camping tents, and come in many different styles to cater to your camping needs. If you have a family of four, then a four berth tent will be ideal for you. You can find tents that provide you with one large living area for the entire family to sleep together, or you have the option of finding one that gives you separate bedroom pods for that extra bit of privacy. And if you're hiking across miles of wild terrain, then you can also find 4 man tents that are perfect for just such an occasion. These are light in weight and so won't slow you down when travelling, and are easy to erect and pack away as and when you decide move on.

Whether you're after a specific brand of tent, such as Outwell, Coleman, Sprayway, Gelert, Vango, Redstone or Aztec, our 4 person tent page can help you find your perfect choice.

About 4 Person Tents

4 berth tents can be used for almost any camping adventure. The size is more than enough to house a family of three or four quite comfortably for the duration of their stay. Even though these tents aren?t as elaborate as some of the larger tents, you can still find numerous different styles. Dome tents and Tunnel tents are usually the more popular designs.

One variation is where it comes as one big room, where you would all sleep side by side. This can be cosy. It is a simple design, simple to put up, and make great tents. Another variation is where you have your main bedroom area to sleep four people, and then you have an extra section between the bedroom pod and the entrance. This gives you some extra living space where you can store more of your luggage as opposed to cramming it in one area. More elaborate designs include two bedroom pods, each to house two people, and a living section between them. These are popular features in Tunnel tents, and can make your tent appear much bigger.

The simpler one bedroom tent designs are also popular for hikers. Because of their simplicity they are easy to put up and pack away again. When hiking, the tent needs to be carried with the rest of the luggage, and so this means it has to be a lightweight tent. It can't hold you back, and if it is too heavy it can cause you to struggle over certain terrains. Depending where you are, this can have dangerous consequences.

Discovered remains have proven that tents have been in use for hundreds of years, even in places such as Siberia and Alaska. The earlier tent design merely consisted of a sheet of animal skin draped over a pole. This would have protected the occupier from the elements such as wind and rain, and would have helped to keep them warm. Their portability and ease of use would have made them a popular choice back then, just as they are today. And another reason why thousands like them is because of their low environmental impact.

Some people go camping to remind themselves what it would be like to live out in the wilds. Some people use it as a test, knowing that if ever they found themselves stranded, they could survive. But most people these days use their camping trip as a time to relax, to not worry, and to enjoy what nature has to offer.

Whatever your reasons for going camping, there's a 4 person tent out there that's perfect for you, and if our page helps you find that perfect tent then you can relax, knowing that there will be happy campers all round!