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A 5 man tent can be perfect for those hiking trips or family camping trips. Take a browse through our 5 man tent selection which includes tents by Vango, Gelert and Coleman, and our new, high quality 5 man tent range from Redstone Outdoors.

Finding Your Perfect 5 Man Tent

With 5 man tent brands on the market such as Gelert, Coleman, Redstone Outdoor, Aztec, Sprayway and Vango, finding your perfect 5 man tent may not be as easy as originally assumed. The choices in range are huge, so you need to ask yourself first what it is you want from your 5 man tent. Do you want a nice relaxing break with the family? Or do you want a basic design so that you can take it hiking and not have it slow you down?

About 5 Man Tents

5 berth tents are on the border line of small tents and large tents. They can be included in both categories, depending on the style you want. This make a 5 man tent ideal for both hikers and family campers. The designs vary from simple to elaborate, providing you with either basic but efficient protection from the elements, or allowing you to stay in something that resembles a portable fortress. The choice is yours..

Obviously, if you're hiking, you don?t want to be carrying anything to o heavy. A lot of 5 man tents are not ideal for this situation as they are too big, but there's still a selection that is. If there are five of you travelling together, opting for a smaller tent may not be the best choice. Being cramped in one small tent isn't going to be comfortable, and you won't get that quality rest your body needs. However, one thing you can arrange between you is weight distribution. Distributing your entire luggage between five people means you can opt for that bigger, slightly heavier 5 man tent, and enjoy some comfort during your hiking trip.

5 Man Tent on Hiking Trips

Choosing the right 5 man tent for your hiking trip is imperative.

Every hiker knows that when hiking you're up against the elements. On occasion those elements aren't kind to you. On any hilly landscape, it can turn from wonderful blue skies to thick fog within minutes. This can disorientate anyone, even the most experienced hiker. If you're not prepared for what nature can throw at you, you may be putting your life in danger. This is why your choice of equipment and 5 man tent is important, and it's a subject that can never be stressed enough.

If you've camped up for the night and the weather takes a turn for the worse, you need a 5 man tent that can handle it. If it rains and your 5 man tent leaks, you could be in trouble. Camping at a high altitude means the temperature is lower, and if you're wet it's easy to get cold. This can lead to hypothermia, and that creates a huge problem when you're in the middle of nowhere.

One of the most important things to check on your 5 man tent is the hydrostatic head rating. This will tell you how waterproof it is. The standard rating for the UK tent is round about 1000mm HH. This should withstand a typical British summer's weather. 2000mm HH, and you know it can put up a fairly good fight when it comes to a storm. However, when you?re camping at high altitudes, it may not be quite enough to cope with wind being thrown at you as well as rain. If you go for a 5 man tent with a 3000mm HH, then you know you should be safe.

Also, another thing you can consider is the seams of your 5 man tent. If they are taped, meaning there is a film attached along every seam, you know it's going to be waterproof and not leak. And opt for a sewn-in ground sheet in your 5 man tent too. This prevents the wind and rain from coming in under the actual tent structure.

5 Man Tent And The Different Variations

A 5 man tent is just the thing any camper needs when going camping. It becomes your home from home for the duration of your trip, and so you need to make sure the design you choose is the right one for you. A 5 man tent can come in many different designs, but at the end of the day there are only approximately five basic styles.

Dome Tent

A dome shaped 5 man tent consists of two poles, each end connected to a corner, and criss-crossing each other at the top in the middle. The tent's skin is then fitted over the top of the structure to give you your 5 man tent. Bedroom pods can sometimes be added, allowing the main dome to be a living area, or communal area.

Because 5 man dome tents are simple in design and easy to erect, they are a favourite among hikers and festival lovers. They are even lightweight and therefore transportation issues are a thing of the past.

Tunnel Tents

5 man tent in the form of Tunnel tents consist of a row of poles that cross over from one side to the other. The skin is then fitted over these giving you a tunnel effect. Just like dome tents. Just like 5 man tents in the dome category, tunnel tents can also have bedroom pods coming off of it.

Tipi Tents And Bell Tents

These two 5 man tent designs are so similar to each other. They both consist of a single pole in the middle. The skin is attached to the very top, and then it drapes down and out to give you your 5 man tent. These are great communal tents.

More About 5 Man Tents

Tents have been used by people through out many centuries, from Alaska all the way across to Siberia. The basic design consisted of animal skin draped over a pole to provide shelter and protection from the oncoming wind, rain and cold. These tents were created by people who knew the risks and knew how survive out in the wilds, unlike the people of today who are used to the mod-cons of a modern home. But some people still like to use their camping trip as a way to remind themselves that they can still do it, and that they can survive if they found themselves stranded.

But most people prefer their camping experiences in their 5 man tent to be one of luxury and relaxation, as a break away from the norm and the mod-cons of everyday life. And with its low environmental impact, it's no wonder it has becoming more and more popular.

No matter what style of tent you want, or what you require it for, there is a 5 man tent out there for you. We hope our 5 man tent page provides you with the means of finding it.