EMF Nutrition Whey Protein Powder (High Protein Shake)

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EMF Nutrition Whey Protein Powder (High Protein Shake)

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  • EMF Nutrition Whey Protein has a high percentage of important BCAAs and glutamine, making it fast absorbing, and perfect for use after training to provide your muscles with the protein they need. EMF Nutrition Whey Protein is available in several flavours to suit your personal preference.
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EMF Performance Protein is NOW better than ever! More protein, added Whey Isolate and Glutamine, and our Specially Developed Advanced Time Release Protein System. And of course it tastes great too. Build muscle, enhance performance, lose weight or get into shape with EMF Performance Protein. Product details:

Advanced Time Release Protein System
Packed with high quality fast, medium and slow release proteins to help replenish and repair your muscles, along with the required amount of carbohydrates for optimum absorption.

Whey Protein Concentrate and Isolate
Protein rapidly released into the bloodstream after consumption and has a very high amino acid profile.

Milk protein concentrate
Milk protein concentrate comprised of 20% whey and 80% casein. Casein has a slow and steady flow of amino acids which creates a prolonged yet low rate of muscle protein synthesis. This makes casein the ideal protein supplement to take when going to bed, or when you know you will be going prolonged periods without the opportunity to refuel.

Soya Protein Isolate
The most refined form of soy, an easily digestible protein with an extensive amino acid profile.

L-Glutamine is used to further enhance the products ability to repair and preserve muscle mass.

Available in 3 delicious flavours, Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate.

Each Super Serving (60g) provides:
Protein: 30.3g
Fat: 4.3g
Carbs: 19.4g
Calories: 240
Suitable for Vegetarians.

Performance Protein Matrix (Whey Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein, Soya Isolate, Whey Protein Isolate), Dextrose Monohydrate, Cocoa Powder (Chocolate Flavour Only), Nature Identical Flavours, Guar Gum, Sucralose, L-Glutamine.

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